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Our body and mind naturally feel exhausted at the end of a particularly demanding week. It's rational to believe that right now each and every individual could enjoy the benefits of a soothing spa session. It's time for you to unwind and rejuvenate. It's time for you to reward yourself with a rare and treasured moment of rest. You owe it to yourself as compensation for the ongoing obstacles and hard effort you put in week after week.

Consider giving yourself the finest form of tranquillity by indulging in a therapeutic massage. Or how about choosing a revitalizing facial to your skin? Whichever you choose, there are many benefits of visiting Oriental Spa. Not only will you feel better mentally, but you will also feel more confident, sleep better, and have radiant skin.

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Enjoy our spa services and rejuvenate yourself

Indulge in a pampering atmosphere of tranquility and stress-free. Revive your cells with our services


A glowing skin is always in! With our revitalizing and personalised facial treatments, you may revive the natural beauty of your skin. We personalize our services to your needs and combine them with the natural and most potent anti-oxidant skin care products to give you skin that is more radiant and youthful-looking.


Source Marine Ritual

400 AED

Hydrates the rough dry skin with rich components which will make it softer & more glowing.


Cold Marine Ritual

400 AED

Treats sensitive skin, it's soothing,
softening & it boost the blood circulation.
The skin will be oxygenated & brightened.


Purete Marine Ritual

400 AED

Treats the very oily or blemish-prone skin for an ultra-effective, anti-seborrheic & anti-blemish result.


Express Facial

250 AED

Gives your skin oxygen & radiance.


Exception Marine

700 AED

Exclusive Energilift massage technique to reactivate skin cells.
restimulate cell exchange & reposition facial volumes.


Lumiere Marine Ritual

550 AED



500 AED

Fills the deep wrinkles & lift the facial contour & neck.
The skin is smoother & less wrinkled on the frown lines, eye & contour.


Eye Expert Treatment

200 AED

Treats dark circles. puffiness & Wrinkles.


Silicium Super Lift

600 AED

Fills deep wrinkles & lift the facial contour & neck. The skin is smoother & less wrinkled on the frown lines, eye & contour.


Spiruline Boost Ritual

500 AED


IBeauty Skin Purity Reviver

500 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with drainage to reduce the oil production


IBeauty Hydration Corrector

600 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with deep hydration with ultra sound effect


IBeauty Wrinkle Corrector

600 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with fibrolyses step which fill the deep wrinkles


IBeauty Youth Activator (Anti-Aging)

700 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with 28 min of radio frequency to have instant lifting effect


Radio Frequency

300 AED

20 min
Instant lifting & conturing


Peeling Marine Ritual

400 AED



250 AED

20 min
Fill the deep wrinkles



200 AED

90 min
Remove toxic out of the skin



200 AED

20 min
Fast absorption of active ingredient



200 AED

20 min
Activate the skin


Deep Cleansing Peel

150 AED

20 min
Remove dead skin & black heads


Scientific research is still showing that the therapeutic power of touch promotes the immune system, enhances sleep quality, lowers stress levels, and uplifts the spirit. Massage, connective tissue manipulation, and foot reflexology are just a few examples of the many various types of healing touch. At Oriental Spa, all our massage therapies offer the greatest level of relaxation and effectiveness.


Relaxing Massage - 60 min

250 AED

It improves deep relaxation, stress relief reduces anxiety, eases muscle tension & improves overall sleep quality.


Swedish Massage - 60 min

250 AED

It is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation & flexibility while easing tension.


Aromatherapy Massage - 60 min

270 AED

This massage is very relaxing it includes different Aromatherapy massage oils which can release stress & tension on the body.


Thai Herbal Ball Massage - 60 min

350 AED

It Relaxes all muscle & it helps to increase the blood circulation beside providing nourishment for the skin. Also it increases blood oxygen flow


Balinese Massage - 60 min

300 AED

This is originally from Bali, Indonesia. It's a powerful massage that restores vitality, balances the body in a wholesome manner & its done by using thumb & palm movement


Deep Tissue / Sport Massage - 60 min

300 AED

It includes a deep pressure which release chronic tension. The focus lies on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, tendons, & fascia.


Hot Stone massage - 60 min

300 AED

The best for muscle tension & aches it releases blocked energy flow to re-energise the body & it may help to reduce arthritic pain


Slimming Massage - 60 min

320 AED

It improves the skin to more elastic, so it becomes firmer. It improves blood circulation & draining the toxins besides eliminating the stubborn ats that causing cellulite.


Lava Shell Massage - 75 min

400 AED

The best for muscle tension & aches it releases blocked energy flow to re-energise the body & it may help to reduce arthritic pain.


Back Massage - 20 min

70 AED

It Relaxes the back muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces back pain & soothes anxiety


Neck & Shoulders Massage - 20 min

70 AED

It's a mood booster, with no time It reliefs pain, headaches & back pain


Reflexology Foot Massage - 20 min

70 AED

It includes the ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induced a deep state of relaxation & prevents migraines


Head Massage - 20 min

70 AED

Makes you feel relaxed & calms the mind. It also Improves blood circulation in different parts of the head. It gives a relief from headache & strengthens the hair roots.


Anti-Stress Massage - 45 min

200 AED

It helps in reducing stress & It releases muscles tension.



Thai Massage - 60 mins

270 AED

It's a traditional massage works to create harmony between mind, body & spirit Its the best to release muscle tension & stress besides the flexibility benefits.


Mother To Be

300 AED

This massage is special for mom-to-be. It helps back pain and joint pain. It improves the blood circulation.


(60 min)




Are you ready to indulge yourself into a healthy pampering experience that your body will be grateful for? Imagine yourself relaxing on a comfortable space in a serene atmosphere with soft lighting and candles that smell of peace. That'd be the epitome of ecstasy, right? A Hammam is what can provide you this experience! Detox your body, relax your senses, exfoliate dead skin, and discover what real pampering feels like with Oriental Spa!


Traditional Moroccan Hammam

140 AED

Having a traditional bath is a key part of Middle Eastern culture. It will help cleanse your body, deeply using steam and exfoliating beauty techniques that have been followed by Moroccans for centuries.


Organic Hammam

275 AED

Following the use of organic origin scrubs and beauty techniques, ‘Organic Origins Hammam’ rekindles and cleanses your body as organically as possible.


Cleopetra Honey Hammam

375 AED

One of Oriental spa’s exclusive Hammam, where your Hammam visit will give you the experience of ritualistic rejuvenation, treated with honey and natural scrubs. Cleopatra Honey Hammam makes you feel and embrace the Cleopatra experience itself.


Bridal Hammam

Oriental’s ‘Body Brightening Mask’ focusses on hydrating your body and helps in brightening uneven skin tones and gently minimizes the look of old acne scars and discoloration from the sun damage.


Face Mask

50 AED

Oriental’s ‘Face Mask’ focusses on hydrating your face and helps in brightening and unifying uneven skin tones while gently minimizing the look of old acne scars and discoloration from sun damage.


Body Scrub

200 AED



50 AED


Rose Scrub

500 AED


Lemon Blossom Scrub

500 AED


Amber Essense Hammam

500 AED


Luban Hammam

500 AED

The Oriental Spa

Located in Abu Dhabi, the sunny locale of the UAE, Oriental Spa is an ultimate destination for tranquillity, pampering, wellness, and beauty. We have around 3 branches in Abu Dhabi and one in the UAE’s favourite getaway destination Al Ain. Oriental Spa offers you an experience to remember through it’s professional and skilled team of 150 members.

We offer 80+ services that encompass health, fitness, beauty, and wellness. Moreover, our beauty services may be personalised to offer you the most optimum results. We have served 30,000 clients and continue to serve satisfied and diverse clientele even today. Oriental Spa would love to have your presence and offer you a satisfying and euphoric experience.

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