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Exercising and fitness is not just about weight loss. It helps you maintain your existing weight or achieve your goal weight. Apart from weight management, it combats multiple health conditions and prevents metabolic syndrome, anxiety, high blood pressure and more.

Exercise plays an instrumental role in our daily lives, which is why we at Oriental Spa value it so highly. With the highest quality fitness equipment, our fitness centre offers our guests a comfortable environment. We have a wide variety of fitness equipment and wellness areas for you to choose from in our fitness centre. Regardless of your fitness level, abilities, and age, our dedicated personal trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals. Orient Spa offers exclusive membership packages that provide members with access to our Fitness Facilities. Depending on your needs, choose the right membership package.

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Shape Yourself

The body achieves what the mind believes. Discover your inner potentials with our fitness services.


Numerous reviews, blogs, and videos have demonstrated the effectiveness of gym workouts. It is a time taking process for almost everyone, but it is one of the most effective ways to maintain your health. As a result, if you are considering renewing your gym membership or purchasing a gym membership, you should do so with Oriental Spa’s economical fitness classes. We provide Swimming as well as gym classes.  


Fitness Classes

1 Class                                                                          60 AED

6 Classes                                                                   300 AED

12 Classes                                                                  600 AED

Private Fitness Class                                                250 AED


Swimming Classes

1 Class                                                                           150 AED

5 Classes                                                                     600 AED

10 Classes                                                                  1000 AED


Lipomassage, also known as "Endermologie" or "LPG Endermologie," is a non-invasive treatment that is used to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Endermologie boasts numerous praised benefits for fat removal, ranging from cellulite reduction to body contouring and everything in between. It also has additional health benefits. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite, contour your body, increase skin elasticity, and do other things. Connect with us to learn more. 


Lipomassage - 35 min

Lipomassage is a non-invasive treatment from Endermologie to treat localized fat pockets and shape the body. Lipomassage can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

1 Sess                                                                            360 AED

6 Sess                                                                          1680 AED

12 Sess                                                                        3360 AED


LPG Body Wear

LPG body wear is the body care package Oriental Spa provides to the customers to have their LPG treatment. Oriental therapists train and provide instruction on how to use and explore the maximum benefits from the LPG treatment.


180 / Per Wear


Targeted Treatment - 10 min

Forehead, Eyes: anti-wrinkle, Eyes: puffiness and dark circles, Mouth, Double Chin, Facial Contours, Neck, Décolleté,and Hands.


1 Sess                                                                            175 AED

6 Sess                                                                          840 AED

12 Sess                                                                        1680 AED


Oriental Spa offers 5 different kinds of fitness membership. You can either have one of our trainers consult you about which membership will be most suitable for you or choose one according to your fitness goals and daily schedule. Our professional trainers will assist you diligently throughout your fitness journey. 


Platinum Membership

1 Month                                                                        800 AED

3 Months                                                                    1300 AED

6 Months                                                                   2500 AED

12 Months                                                                  4500 AED


Gold Memberships

1 Month                                                                        600 AED

3 Months                                                                    1000 AED

6 Months                                                                   2000 AED

12 Months                                                                  3500 AED


Silver Membership

1 Month                                                                        400 AED

3 Months                                                                     750 AED

6 Months                                                                    1500 AED

12 Months                                                                  2500 AED


Personal Training

1 Sess                                                                           250 AED

10 Sess                                                                        1900 AED

20 Sess                                                                       3040 AED

30 Sess                                                                      3990 AED


Pool Membership

1 Month                                                                        600 AED

3 Months                                                                     1000 AED

6 Months                                                                    1800 AED

12 Months                                                                  3000 AED

1 Day Pool Access                                                       100 AED

Our Fitness Centre

Whether you are a frequent gym enthusiast or have recently started your workout regime, our specialists will design a results-driven program tailored to your specific needs. The gym features advanced equipment and highly qualified trainers. Exceptional results are delivered by our experts using the latest scientific innovations. Through detoxification, daily exercise, cleansing treatments, and therapies, the program offers a multifaceted approach.

We are located in the capital of the UAE with our three accessible branches. If you ever plan a weekend getaway at Al Ain, you are sure to find an Oriental Spa branch there. We have a wide satisfied clientele and team of 150 qualified members to assist you.

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