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Welcome to Oriental Spa

Step into an exquisitely rejuvenating oriental experience in a pristine and cordial atmosphere.

Welcome to Oriental Spa! We’re the first-choice spa for many clients who are looking to de-stress and unwind. You can take advantage of our excellent facilities and services, and you can also enjoy our selection of beauty services offered by our professional stylists. Get in touch today to get started!

Our Offers & Packages

At Oriental Spa, we want to give our clients the best possible deals on our services, which is why we’ve put together a range of offers and packages. We can tailor every package to your needs to make sure that you end up having a wonderful experience when you visit our spa

Remember to keep an eye out for our latest deals so that you can get the best value for money on our spa services. It’s important to note that discounts and packages will not be applied on weekends and during Eid time. Also, clients should expect an extra charge for home services.

About Us

Our team is made up of fully trained and highly skilled professionals who know what it takes to deliver scintillating spa services. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a variety of high-quality services, all of which are overseen by our experts. You can expect our staff to offer personalized service to every client, as we make sure that your experience is unique and memorable.

Your spa experience begins the moment you walk through our doors, as our team provide you with a warm welcome and introduces you to our facilities. You will enjoy a friendly and comforting atmosphere, which has been meticulously crafted by our in-house specialists. From traditional spa treatments to hair styling and beauty makeovers, you can enjoy a variety of services at our spa.

Taking some time out for yourself is essential in this busy day and age, so why not unwind with our fantastic spa services? We have a range of traditional spa treatments available, all of which will help you to relax and de-stress in a luxurious manner


A glowing skin is always in! With our revitalizing and personalised facial treatments, you may revive the natural beauty of your skin. We personalize our services to your needs and combine them with the natural and most potent anti-oxidant skin care products to give you skin that is more radiant and youthful-looking.


Source Marine Ritual

400 AED

Hydrates the rough dry skin with rich components which will make it softer & more glowing.


Cold Marine Ritual

400 AED

Treats sensitive skin, it's soothing,
softening & it boost the blood circulation.
The skin will be oxygenated & brightened.


Purete Marine Ritual

400 AED

Treats the very oily or blemish-prone skin for an ultra-effective, anti-seborrheic & anti-blemish result.


Express Facial

250 AED

Gives your skin oxygen & radiance.


Exception Marine

700 AED

Exclusive Energilift massage technique to reactivate skin cells.
restimulate cell exchange & reposition facial volumes.


Lumiere Marine Ritual

550 AED



500 AED

Fills the deep wrinkles & lift the facial contour & neck.
The skin is smoother & less wrinkled on the frown lines, eye & contour.


Eye Expert Treatment

200 AED

Treats dark circles. puffiness & Wrinkles.


Silicium Super Lift

600 AED

Fills deep wrinkles & lift the facial contour & neck. The skin is smoother & less wrinkled on the frown lines, eye & contour.


Spiruline Boost Ritual

500 AED


IBeauty Skin Purity Reviver

500 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with drainage to reduce the oil production


IBeauty Hydration Corrector

600 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with deep hydration with ultra sound effect


IBeauty Wrinkle Corrector

600 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with fibrolyses step which fill the deep wrinkles


IBeauty Youth Activator (Anti-Aging)

700 AED

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with 28 min of radio frequency to have instant lifting effect


Radio Frequency

300 AED

20 min
Instant lifting & conturing


Peeling Marine Ritual

400 AED



250 AED

20 min
Fill the deep wrinkles



200 AED

90 min
Remove toxic out of the skin



200 AED

20 min
Fast absorption of active ingredient



200 AED

20 min
Activate the skin


Deep Cleansing Peel

150 AED

20 min
Remove dead skin & black heads


Scientific research is still showing that the therapeutic power of touch promotes the immune system, enhances sleep quality, lowers stress levels, and uplifts the spirit. Massage, connective tissue manipulation, and foot reflexology are just a few examples of the many various types of healing touch. At Oriental Spa, all our massage therapies offer the greatest level of relaxation and effectiveness.


Relaxing Massage - 60 min

250 AED

It improves deep relaxation, stress relief reduces anxiety, eases muscle tension & improves overall sleep quality.


Swedish Massage - 60 min

250 AED

It is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation & flexibility while easing tension.


Aromatherapy Massage - 60 min

270 AED

This massage is very relaxing it includes different Aromatherapy massage oils which can release stress & tension on the body.


Thai Herbal Ball Massage - 60 min

350 AED

It Relaxes all muscle & it helps to increase the blood circulation beside providing nourishment for the skin. Also it increases blood oxygen flow


Balinese Massage - 60 min

300 AED

This is originally from Bali, Indonesia. It's a powerful massage that restores vitality, balances the body in a wholesome manner & its done by using thumb & palm movement


Deep Tissue / Sport Massage - 60 min

300 AED

It includes a deep pressure which release chronic tension. The focus lies on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, tendons, & fascia.


Hot Stone massage - 60 min

300 AED

The best for muscle tension & aches it releases blocked energy flow to re-energise the body & it may help to reduce arthritic pain


Slimming Massage - 60 min

320 AED

It improves the skin to more elastic, so it becomes firmer. It improves blood circulation & draining the toxins besides eliminating the stubborn ats that causing cellulite.


Lava Shell Massage - 75 min

400 AED

The best for muscle tension & aches it releases blocked energy flow to re-energise the body & it may help to reduce arthritic pain.


Back Massage - 20 min

70 AED

It Relaxes the back muscles, improves blood circulation, reduces back pain & soothes anxiety


Neck & Shoulders Massage - 20 min

70 AED

It's a mood booster, with no time It reliefs pain, headaches & back pain


Reflexology Foot Massage - 20 min

70 AED

It includes the ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induced a deep state of relaxation & prevents migraines


Head Massage - 20 min

70 AED

Makes you feel relaxed & calms the mind. It also Improves blood circulation in different parts of the head. It gives a relief from headache & strengthens the hair roots.


Anti-Stress Massage - 45 min

200 AED

It helps in reducing stress & It releases muscles tension.



Thai Massage - 60 mins

270 AED

It's a traditional massage works to create harmony between mind, body & spirit Its the best to release muscle tension & stress besides the flexibility benefits.


Mother To Be

300 AED

This massage is special for mom-to-be. It helps back pain and joint pain. It improves the blood circulation.


(60 min)




Are you ready to indulge yourself into a healthy pampering experience that your body will be grateful for? Imagine yourself relaxing on a comfortable space in a serene atmosphere with soft lighting and candles that smell of peace. That'd be the epitome of ecstasy, right? A Hammam is what can provide you this experience! Detox your body, relax your senses, exfoliate dead skin, and discover what real pampering feels like with Oriental Spa!


Traditional Moroccan Hammam

140 AED

Having a traditional bath is a key part of Middle Eastern culture. It will help cleanse your body, deeply using steam and exfoliating beauty techniques that have been followed by Moroccans for centuries.


Organic Hammam

275 AED

Following the use of organic origin scrubs and beauty techniques, ‘Organic Origins Hammam’ rekindles and cleanses your body as organically as possible.


Cleopetra Honey Hammam

375 AED

One of Oriental spa’s exclusive Hammam, where your Hammam visit will give you the experience of ritualistic rejuvenation, treated with honey and natural scrubs. Cleopatra Honey Hammam makes you feel and embrace the Cleopatra experience itself.


Bridal Hammam

Oriental’s ‘Body Brightening Mask’ focusses on hydrating your body and helps in brightening uneven skin tones and gently minimizes the look of old acne scars and discoloration from the sun damage.


Face Mask

50 AED

Oriental’s ‘Face Mask’ focusses on hydrating your face and helps in brightening and unifying uneven skin tones while gently minimizing the look of old acne scars and discoloration from sun damage.


Body Scrub

200 AED



50 AED


Rose Scrub

500 AED


Lemon Blossom Scrub

500 AED


Amber Essense Hammam

500 AED


Luban Hammam

500 AED

Many people want to attain their dream appearance through beauty services, which we are delighted to offer. From bleaching and threading to haircuts and waxing, we have a range of methods at our disposal that will bring out your natural beauty and accentuate your most flattering features


Right from hair trimming to highlights and lowlights, Oriental Spa has an extensive range of hair treatments. With us you will never have a bad hair day. We are client oriented and thus only make use of products that are top-notch and benefit our clients. Whether you are looking to give a complete makeover to your hair or a simple hair wash, we have you covered. Chic hairstyling, colouring, and nourishing hair treatments, traditional hair henna and so much more. Book yourself and your hair a day full of love and care. 


Fringe Cut

50 AED

Strands or locks of hair long enough to fall over the scalps front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though sometimes they can even cover the eyes.


Hair Trim

80 AED

The benefits of regular hair trimming are to remove split ends and hairdamage. This will make hair appear to grow faster because the hair will break less, and thus grow longer in a shorter amount of time.


Hair Cutting

120 AED

Enjoy a new haircut at Oriental Spa for a change.


Hair washing

50 - 100 AED

Cosmetic act of keeping hair clean by washing it, to remove sebum from hair.


Hair Blow-drying

80 - 150 AED

Dry your hair straight or wavy, often to give it a particular style.


Hair Fair

120 - 250 AED

It's usually done after washing and drying the hair to style it perfectly.


Hair Coloring

300 - 1000 AED

Cover gray or white hair, change to a new color or restore your original hair color.


Hair Coloring Retouch

300 AED

You should get your roots touched up every couple of weeks depends on how fast your hair grow.


Hair Henna

150 - 250 AED

This is one of the most ancient natural dyes used for dying of hair. This natural vegetable dye, it's used to create color shades. It makes hair soft and silky.


Hair Styling

250 - 350 AED

There are many ways to do a fabulous hair style, choose your favorite and let us do it for you.


Hair Roots Color

250 AED

Roots typically appear two to three weeks following color service, visit us at Oriental Spa and let us do the work!


Hair Highlight / Low-light

300 - 1000 AED

Lowlights involve darkening strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour. In contrast, highlights use colours that are lighter than your natural shade.  


Bleaching comes with multiple benefits of its own. Evening out of skin tone, brightening of skin tone, and reduction of dark spots are some of the perks of bleaching. Oriental Spa offers, bleaching of eyebrows, neck, chest, and face. To achieve this, we methodically construct different bleaching formulae for different skin types and skin requirements. We believe, each of our client is special.  


Half Arms

50 AED


Eyebrows Bleaching

50 AED

Bleaching your eyebrows will give you the best eyebrow care and restore the natural look.



100 AED

Brightens your face like a facelift. Be the one to be recognized.


Face, neck & chest

120 AED

Give your face, neck and chest a complete bleach care for a unified look and the perfect feeling of being cleansed.


Threading is an uncomplicated facial hair removal technique using cotton thread. Hair removal without the use of harsh chemicals can be accomplished naturally using threading. It exfoliates and soothes skin, is a natural method of hair removal, involves a quick process and lasting results. Additionally, if you opt for threading of your eyebrows, it provides precision. Oriental Spa has specialists who perform seamless threading.  


Chin with Neck

50 AED

Sometimes doing chin threading won’t suffice. Do the chin with neck threading to give you a complete clean threading feel.


Nail Care and enhancements are not just another product of beauty. It comes with lesser-known health benefits too. Apart from adding to your hygiene, nail care, manicures and pedicures increase blood circulation, prevents infections and calluses, releases stress and anxiety and of course, gives you beautiful looking feet, hands, and nails. We have various packages and offers every season to keep your pampering session thriving.  


Classic Manicure & Pedicure

M: Normal cleaning for fingernails including cutting, shaping, cutting cuticles and application of plain nail polish.

P: Normal cleaning for toe nails including cutting, shaping, cutting cuticles, removing the calloused plain poliosh application.

M                               65 AED

P                                85 AED


Nail Polish

To refresh fingernails or toe nails. Nails are shaped and painted in a color of your choice.

M                               30 AED

P                                30 AED



To refresh fingernails or toe nails. Nails are shaped and painted in french colors.

M                               40 AED

P                                40 AED


Nail Art

Inspirational nail design created by unique hand nail design.

M                               5 UP

P                                5 UP


Gel / Powder Acrylic Natural

300 AED

Extending nails by using artificial tips or paper form and molding nails by applying Gland Acrylic Powder.


Gel / Powder Acrylic French Ombre

350 AED

Extending nails by using artificial tips or paper form and molding nails by applying Gland Acrylic French Powder.


Refill Full Set Natural

250 AED

Extnding the nails by using artificial tips or paper form and molding nails by applying Gel & Acrylic Powder.


Gel / Powder Full Set Overlay Natural

200 AED

Having beautiful nails is all about maintaining good nail care. Oriental Full Set Overlay gives you the extra nail protection you need, making the nails less prone to breakage or splitting.


Gel / Powder Full Set Overlay French

250 AED

Give your nails the extra layer of protection with style by Oriental Full Set Overlay French


Artificial Nails

100 AED

Apply artificial nails and design them they way you like!


Artificial Nails Removal

50 AED

Professional techniques are applied to remove artificial nails without causing any damages to your natural nails.


Cut & File with Nail Polish

30 AED

This service is perfect if you're running out of time, just prepare your nails for a color of your choice!


Gel Nail Polish Removal

30 AED

Removing of the gel polish by soaking in the acetone wrap with aluminum foil.


Dip & Buff

120 AED

Entity Dip & Buff is alternative to Traditional Acrylic Overlays. It is an acrylic system, but is applied by dipping the nails into extra fine acrylic powder rather than using the traditional application method. It gives the strength of acrylics with the look of a Gel Polish.


Dip & Buff Extension

220 AED

Extending nails by using entity Dip & Buff acrylic system with different kind of colors.


Dip & Buff French

150 AED

Entity Dip & Buff is alternative to Traditional Acrylic Overlays. It is an acrylic system, but is applied by dipping the nails into extra fine acrylic powder rather than using the traditional application method. It gives the strength of acrylics with the look of a Gel French Polish.


Kids Manicure & Pedicure

M: Normal cleaning for fingernails including cutting, shaping, cutting cuticles and application of plain nail polish.

P: Normal cleaning for toe nails including cutting, shaping, cutting cuticles, removing the calloused plain poliosh application.

M                               40 AED

P                                60 AED


Kids Nail Polish

To refresh fingernails or toe nails. Nails are shaped and painted in a color of your choice.

M                               15 AED

P                                15 AED


Gel Polish

50 AED


French Gel Polish

M                               20 AED

P                                20 AED



150 AED


Shape & Polish

40 AED


Freshen Up Gel/ Poly Gel/ Acrylic

150 AED


French Dip & Buff Extension

270 AED


Gel Nail Art

M                               15 Up AED

P                                15 Up AED


Stone / Art

M                               5/Piece AED

P                                5/Piece AED


Stone Full 1 Nail / Art

M                               33 AED

P                                33 AED


French Normal Polish

M                               10 AED

P                                10 AED


French Gel Cutor

M                               20 AED

P                                20 AED


Normal Gel Cutor

M                               10 AED

P                                10 AED


Ingrown Dry Skin Removal

20 AED Per Nail



You accomplish all your daily tasks with your hands and feet; thus it is important to relax those muscles and provide them with treatment that will soothe those muscles and nerves. One of the most opulent spa services is Oriental hand and foot massage, which is intended to relax and rejuvenate the muscles and nerves in your hands and feet. Your mind and body will then be less stressed as a result. 


Perfect Sense Paraffin

The new way of paraffin treatment, perfect to treat dry skin, dehydrated, tired muscles, arthritis, eczema, spasm, and over fatigue.

M                                   125 AED

P                                    150 AED

Combo                        229 AED


Mavala Nail Treatment

Treats all kinds of nail problems such as soft, splitting, yellow, and dry nails. Restores them to their normal and strong aspect.

M                                    75 AED

P                                     75 AED

Combo                        103 AED


Callus Foot Treatment

50 AED

Our therapists are experienced and well trained to relieve foot pain by providing Oriental callus foot treatment using extra care on the fragile skin on your feet.


Vanilla & Marshmallow

M                                   100 AED

P                                    110 AED

Combo                        160 AED


Tropical Island

Organic kind of treatment, good for sensitive skin. It hydrates dry skin, fights wrinkles and helps in fading scars. 

M                                   100 AED

P                                    110 AED

Combo                        160 AED


Lavender & Mint

 M                                   100 AED

P                                    110 AED

Combo                        160 AED


Milk & Honey

M                                   100 AED

P                                    110 AED

Combo                        160 AED


Henna is an expression of tradition. Everyone in the UAE loves henna art. No matter the occasion, our henna artists are aware of the historical significance and aesthetic value of henna art on your hands and feet. Oriental Spa offers aesthetic henna art services.  


Henna Art


Our Henna experts understand the traditional culture and beauty of Henna Art on your hands and feet, whatever the occasion is.


Variety of day, night, occasional make up and diverse, one day to usable lash extensions. We have got you covered. We at Oriental spa believe that make up is an expression of creativity and a mode of enhancing beauty. Thus, our professional make-up artists offer an array of make-up looks. Similarly, our eyelash experts offer safe and lasting eyelash extensions ranging from light to heavy. 


Eye Makeup

250 AED

Define your natural and stunning look with our bright and stylish Eye Makeup.


Day Makeup

350 AED

If it’s a daily routine or a special occasion, oriental stylists and makeup artists help to bring out the beauty in you.


Event Makeup

550 AED

Oriental stylists understand the importance of being beautiful and help you to be the center of attention and bring you to the spotlight.



One Day Lashes

100 AED

Apply our one Day Lashes with your makeup to have the perfect look!


Usable Lashes

50 AED

Apply our Usable Lashes for the perfect look for more than one day!


Waxing comes with innumerable benefits for the skin! It reduces hair growth, exfoliates dead skin and reduces tanning, eliminates ingrown hair, eliminates the hassle of shaving. The aftermath of wax is always satisfying, thus book your appointment with Oriental Spa. Whether its back, bikini line, half arms or full body! We offer complete waxing services. 


Full Body

Oriental full body wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  300 AED

halawa                           300 AED


Full Arms

Oriental full arms wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  70 AED

halawa                           70 AED


Half Legs

Oriental half legs wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  70 AED

halawa                           70 AED


Full Legs

Oriental full legs wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  100 AED

halawa                           100 AED



Oriental back wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  50 AED

halawa                           50 AED



Oriental stomach wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  50 AED

halawa                           50 AED


Bikini Line

Oriental Spa’s bikini line waxing follows international hygiene standards and uses internationally approved products.

wax                                  60 AED

halawa                           60 AED


Upper Lip

Oriental upper lip wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  30 AED

halawa                           30 AED



Oriental chin wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  30 AED

halawa                           30 AED


Full Face

Oriental face wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  120 AED

halawa                           120 AED


Under Arms

Oriental underarm wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  50 AED

halawa                           50 AED


Half Arms

Oriental half arms wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  50 AED

halawa                           50 AED


Hair treatments are extremely beneficial yet underrated. Getting regular hair treatments can keep your hair healthy, thus opening a gateway to no bad hair days! It helps prevent damage, keeps your hair moisturised and hydrated, encourages elasticity, and adds shine to your hair. One of the primary reasons you should choose a hair salon for your hair treatments is that the hairstylists are qualified professionals. They understand which treatments are best for your hair type and will generate the excellent outcomes. However, when you use DIY treatments, you never know if they are safe for your hair. Make an appointment with us today to pamper your hair. 


Loreal Hair Treatment

50 - 250 AED

Try Loreal Paris hair treatments for all hair types at Oriental Spa.


Kérastase Hair Treatment

100 - 500 AED

Try Kérastase hair treatments for all hair types at Oriental Spa.


Hair Roots Straightening Treatment

500 AED

Straighten out your hair's texture and add some extra shine as well.


Hair Straightening Treatment

500 - 2000 AED

It improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.


Mask Straightening

350 AED

Smoothing treatment that actually improves the condition of the hair.


Organic Hair Treatment

150 - 250 AED

We are delighted to have a range of fitness services available for our clients, ranging from specific classes to access to state-of-the-art equipment. You can take advantage of a membership to our gym, or you can join us for general fitness or swimming classes, both of which are helmed by quality instructors


Numerous reviews, blogs, and videos have demonstrated the effectiveness of gym workouts. It is a time taking process for almost everyone, but it is one of the most effective ways to maintain your health. As a result, if you are considering renewing your gym membership or purchasing a gym membership, you should do so with Oriental Spa’s economical fitness classes. We provide Swimming as well as gym classes.  


Fitness Classes

1 Class                                                                          60 AED

6 Classes                                                                   300 AED

12 Classes                                                                  600 AED

Private Fitness Class                                                250 AED


Swimming Classes

1 Class                                                                           150 AED

5 Classes                                                                     600 AED

10 Classes                                                                  1000 AED


Lipomassage, also known as "Endermologie" or "LPG Endermologie," is a non-invasive treatment that is used to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Endermologie boasts numerous praised benefits for fat removal, ranging from cellulite reduction to body contouring and everything in between. It also has additional health benefits. It can reduce the appearance of cellulite, contour your body, increase skin elasticity, and do other things. Connect with us to learn more. 


Lipomassage - 35 min

Lipomassage is a non-invasive treatment from Endermologie to treat localized fat pockets and shape the body. Lipomassage can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

1 Sess                                                                            360 AED

6 Sess                                                                          1680 AED

12 Sess                                                                        3360 AED


LPG Body Wear

LPG body wear is the body care package Oriental Spa provides to the customers to have their LPG treatment. Oriental therapists train and provide instruction on how to use and explore the maximum benefits from the LPG treatment.


180 / Per Wear


Targeted Treatment - 10 min

Forehead, Eyes: anti-wrinkle, Eyes: puffiness and dark circles, Mouth, Double Chin, Facial Contours, Neck, Décolleté,and Hands.


1 Sess                                                                            175 AED

6 Sess                                                                          840 AED

12 Sess                                                                        1680 AED


Oriental Spa offers 5 different kinds of fitness membership. You can either have one of our trainers consult you about which membership will be most suitable for you or choose one according to your fitness goals and daily schedule. Our professional trainers will assist you diligently throughout your fitness journey. 


Platinum Membership

1 Month                                                                        800 AED

3 Months                                                                    1300 AED

6 Months                                                                   2500 AED

12 Months                                                                  4500 AED


Gold Memberships

1 Month                                                                        600 AED

3 Months                                                                    1000 AED

6 Months                                                                   2000 AED

12 Months                                                                  3500 AED


Silver Membership

1 Month                                                                        400 AED

3 Months                                                                     750 AED

6 Months                                                                    1500 AED

12 Months                                                                  2500 AED


Personal Training

1 Sess                                                                           250 AED

10 Sess                                                                        1900 AED

20 Sess                                                                       3040 AED

30 Sess                                                                      3990 AED


Pool Membership

1 Month                                                                        600 AED

3 Months                                                                     1000 AED

6 Months                                                                    1800 AED

12 Months                                                                  3000 AED

1 Day Pool Access                                                       100 AED

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